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Why Do I Need PlateSherlock's License Plate Search?

Every vehicle legally driving on U.S. roads must have an up-to-date license plate, registered with the local bureau of motor vehicles. These plates are registered to the legal owner of the vehicle and are used for identification and verification purposes. Law enforcement agencies use license plates to confirm registration of a vehicle or determine the legal address of the owner. Identifying information of the owner is not available to the general public, but PlateSherlock now provides a way to report a suspicious vehicle and see these reports posted by other users.

At PlateSherlock.com, you can access information about a license plate with ease by simply inputting the license number and state of plate issuance. Results in a license plate search will provide you with the last date that someone reported the vehicle, as well as whether the plate has been reported as linked to a dangerous person or activity. Photos of the vehicle can also be uploaded to verify the type of vehicle it belongs to.

If you see an unknown vehicle in your neighborhood or driveway, workplace or even a suspicious vehicle in any parking lot, you can quickly access any warnings posted about the driver using this license plate search. Even if you are unsure if a crime is being committed, local law enforcement should also be notified immediately.

Don't risk becoming a victim by unknowingly allowing access to your personal property and yourself to a dangerous person. Use the license plate search to determine if any person asking for help or simply loitering may be searching for someone to take advantage of when they least expect it.